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traicie’s platform is simple and intuitive to use. Finding optimal soft skills matches for your vacancies has never been easier.


traicie at a glance

  • Define profiles for your vacancies

  • Tailor your choice of words in job advertisements to attract the desired candidate profile

  • View a candidate’s workstyle attributes

  • View % matches between different candidates and the ideal profile for the job

  • Analyze LinkedIn profiles directly using a Google Chrome extension

Create a job profile

The first step in using the traicie platform is creating a profile for your vacancy.

You can choose from one or more areas to define narrower traits within each to build up the vacancy’s “DNA”.

As you go through this process, a word cloud will be generated and updated to allow you to view the most important traits at a glance.

To help you work effectively, you can “clone” the profile of a top performer in the job into a job profile, to save having to define the individual attributes. You can also create a PDF or URL to allow others to review and comment on the vacancy profile.

Optimize your job advertisement

The types of words you use in a job advertisement can have a big influence on the profiles of applicants that respond.

Once you have defined your ideal profile, you can insert your vacancy text to receive word recommendations. Those that will appeal to your desired profile are highlighted in green, while those that are likely to have a negative effect are highlighted in red, with suggested alternatives.

This feature allows you to work efficiently and with high quality. You can even reuse job descriptions and fine tune the text to create a specific emphasis.

Profile the candidates

Any text written by a candidate, such as their LinkedIn profile or CV, can be analyzed to generate a profile.

You can either copy/paste text into the traicie interface, or directly upload an entire file, for example a CV.

traicie then generates the profile in seconds, allowing you to view the “DNA” of the candidate’s attributes, as well as a word cloud in the same way as for the vacancy profile. This gives you a quick feel for how they would perform on the job and allows you to make a decision as to their suitability.

Match candidates with your vacancy

After defining both the job and candidate profile, you can see how well one matches the other.

This can be approached from two angles. You can either see how a candidate matches with a specific job profile or view a list of the candidates which best match the job.

For each candidate, you receive an overview of how well their attributes match those defined for the job with an overall percentage match, and also the five best- and five worst-matching attributes on a slider.

Chrome extension

To make your life even easier, traicie is available as an extension for Google Chrome.

This extension allows you to quickly and easily analyze a candidate from their LinkedIn profile. Simply highlight the text you want to analyze, and the extension can generate a word cloud and obtain a quick % match to any of your saved vacancies. If the candidate looks like a good match, you can then save their profile to the main platform for further analysis.