interview empathically

No matter how experienced and professional you are as a recruiter, it is difficult to completely ignore your own feelings about a candidate. traicie, as an algorithm, can be completely unbiased and is, therefore, the perfect complement to the recruitment process. It helps the recruiter maintain an objective view, both in screening and interviewing candidates. This is especially critical if suitable candidates are scarce, to ensure that you don’t miss a good one because of a mistaken first impression.

A company has to stand out among the many messages received by the candidate. The method of communicating with a potential candidate is very important. To awaken the interest of the candidate you need a personalized and empathic approach.

With traicie, you already have a better image of the candidate from screening the CV and LinkedIn profile. traicie also objectively maps the natural working style of the candidates by analyzing their writing style and choice of words. The recruiter knows in advance the most effective way to approach the candidate. This closes the distance between the recruiter and the candidate, ensuring they are on the same wavelength.

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