traicie work?

traicie is based on a personality profiling algorithm that maps candidates using semantics and selects the ideal profile to complement the team based on a predetermined profile that is linked to the desired soft skills. The semantic screening automatically matches the best candidates to the predetermined role.

In addition, traicie has a text optimizer function to check if the job advertisement uses the correct terms and is targeted to attract a certain profile.

traicie is, therefore, the best-placed tool to easily find quality candidates in the recruitment phase and to bring the quality of the process to a higher level. The application process is more objective and efficient, so the recruiter uses their valuable expertise where it is most needed. The candidate’s soft skills and character are mapped, guiding the selection process. In short, recruiters find more up-front information about their initial candidates and are also able to create a more personalized profile while writing the job description. All of these processes are time efficient, can be applied during the initial screening thanks to traicie’s automation, and have a direct and favorable impact on the company’s HR budget.

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