Unlock your company culture and discover your employees' personal working traits.

Free Cultural Fit Assessment, based on the psychological scientific Personal Traits Test to identify the deep motivations, desires, and fears that drive your employees' actions.


traicie's psychological and cultural fit test wouldn’t have been possible without our participating partners. The organizations that collaborated with us to research all the top performers in each industry discovered that they all shared 29 common working styles.
Finally, these 29 factors set them apart from the competition and contribute to their organizational success.

What’s in it for you as an individual?

The outcome of your employee cultural fit test delivered straight to your inbox - you can use this to fuel your personal and professional growth

Peace of mind knowing that you’re a vital part of helping make the recruitment process more fair and inclusive

What’s in it for you as an organisation?

Reporting on the 5 most pronounced common soft skills of the participants in your organisation giving a clear picture of your corporate culture.

Demographic analytical data of your organisation’s survey participants.

Worldwide ’inclusive employer branding’ through our research campaign.

Logo presence on the traicie website and research platform.

Presence in scientific papers of the participating universities.

Free internal use of the results of the personality survey.

Price reduction on your future traicie license.

Why we’re running this free culture fit test?

This global free Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) program has been specifically designed to help you develop the strategy for the recruitment of diverse candidates for their organization

Our goal with this campaign is to support employers in hiring for attitude, skills, culture fit, and inclusivity, so that all people, no matter their background, age, gender, or ethnicity, could easily discover their strengths and talents and make full use of them in work and life. by our free "culture fit" assignment.

DEI&B creates innovative diversity and inclusion programs to help attract top talent for your organization also leads to the development of a company culture strategy and fosters internal partnerships across departments.

The academics behind traicie's culture fit test.

We’ve brought together an expert panel of professionals and academics to supervise this research.

Jochen Roef, MA

CEO at traicie.com - Building world class AI for recruitment and pioneering HR thought leadership – MA in Psychology

Prof. Dr. Marie-Francine Moens

Professor at KU Leuven, department of Computer Sciences ERC Advanced Grant Holder

Kimberly Moors, MA

Master in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing

Dr. Els Lefever

Assistant Professor at Ghent University

Prof. Dr. Lou Van Beirendonck

Antwerp Management School
Academic Director Masterclass HRM
Founder Quintessence

GDPR & Privacy Regulation

We value your privacy in this free cultural fit assessment! In this culture fit test processes and stores data anonymized, for the purpose of making the fair chance hiring. You can contact us at dpo@traicie.com at any time. We comply with GDPR regulations to protect your data at all times.

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