Top 5 Best Christmas Corporate Gift Ideas (2023)

Ngoc Anh Luong
Ngoc Anh Luong
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Christmas is around the corner and it’s the season for corporate gifts. This is the special occasion to show your employees, clients, and customers your appreciation and that they are essential to the success of your business, whether you oversee thousands of employees in offices across the country or a small team of five. We’ve got your back with fascinating ideas for Christmas corporate gifts if you’re looking for a great way to say thanks to your employees, partners and customers but don’t involve cheap trinkets or expensive gift baskets.

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Let’s view our Christmas Gift ideas for corporate use:

Wellness Spa Kits:

Companies should take this opportunity to focus on the employees’ physical and mental well-being as we enter the final month of the year – Christmas month. We need to ensure that the hard-working employees are performing well and have proper rest to recharge their energy for the new corporate year 2023. The last few months were relatively hard for many businesses, some had suffered from being laid off or intense pressure at work.

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Hence, a wellness spa kit is a sophisticated way to express how much you value the contributions that coworkers or employees make to your business.

On the other hand, the business partners also love these kindhearted presents showing how much you care about them. These wellness spa kits would tighten the partnerships and strengthen your corporate brands. Wellness Spa kit could be Neck Pillows, Heat Wraps, Aromatic candles, Essential Oils, Spa vouchers, etc.

Christmas gifts

Personalized company souvenirs:

These personalized souvenirs can be customized with the names of employees and their interests, making them ideal for the managers of the teams since most people would love to have something to remind them of the time they have been with the companies. Furthermore, they’ll probably use the souvenir every day if they are necessities. Additionally, the personalized souvenirs are not too expensive to be massively sent out either.

Even partners and customers would love to have logo souvenirs from the companies too. They might use thoughtful gifts as a way to spread positive word of mouth to their networks on Christmas Eve. 

Tip: You should create a group corporate order with your company logo if you are in charge of all corporate gifts this year. Before ordering, you might need to ask the employees/partners/customers what would they want to have as a souvenir from the companies this year. These personalized company souvenirs could be logo mugs, shirts, caps, headphones, key hangers, etc.

Home office necessities:

Your employees/partners/customers might love the idea of a home office gift. Since 2019, the work-from-home trend has always been the top trend in the corporate world. Why not help them set up a better home office? These home office necessities would be realistic and useful for employees and customers. 

Company product vouchers:

What could be more productive than promoting the corporate brand when sending gifts to others? Whatever your companies offer, Christmas could be a joyful occasion to give your employees and customers opportunities to buy your products at a good price. The sales team would love to carry out this idea since it would create an increase in sales numbers.

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Holiday travel kits:

Besides wellness kits, we highly recommend to you travel kits for your employees/partners/customers. Who would say no to travel gifts? On Christmas Eve, people usually take time off work and travel to new places with their beloved ones. Therefore, it is warmhearted to give your people travel gift kits such as travel insurance, wireless chargers, camping tents, travel flashlight, etc.

Furthermore, the company should send Christmas gifts through meaningful activities.

Christmas team building activities:

As the work holiday season becomes the latest casualty of the proverbial “new normal,” Christmas parties and office celebrations will likely look very different this year. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, managers should spread holiday cheer throughout the workplace by setting up some team-building activities.

The team-building ideas for the workplace could be quick Christmas quizzes, competitions for the most beautiful office desk decoration, etc. The aim of these activities is to enhance culture and morale and a bonus idea for those teams back at work, you can bring the holiday season to the digital realm.

Whoever join the activities would have gifts to bring back home. The activities are created in order to have fun and connect people, not to compete.  

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