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Book a 30' demo, save enormous time

Don't waste an average budget of 40k on job boards that don't result in effective hires

Before traicie

  • Unclear and subjective job requirements
  • Narrow pool of ideal candidates
  • Time consuming online candidate search
  • Candidate response rate between 8% - 13%
  • Candidate inconvenient online testing
  • Time to hire on average 90 days
  • Mishire rate +20%

After traicie

  • Objective list of necessary qualifications and distinctive behavioral skills
  • Wide pool of valuable candidates
  • Time efficient sourcing automation
  • Candidate response rate between 19% - 23%
  • Candidate convenient AI behavioral prediction
  • Time to hire on average 45 days
  • Mishire rate -20%

The future of recruitment is skill and attitude based.

Traicie examines skills and attitude and links them to workplace succes. Competences, work style and culture fit are detected at the very start of the process. Save precious time and budget by knowing whether a candidate fits your company and position before you interview them.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B)

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Top Performers 64 traits

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