2022 Christmas: If HR Professionals have a wish …

Ngoc Anh Luong
Ngoc Anh Luong
Head of Digital Marketing at traicie - The best AI-powered talent sourcing tool for recruiters
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A long winter’s nap for this Christmas; special time with our family in faith to recharge energy, the gift of time… Those are the wishes we’ve collected from our HR Managers, and HR journalists for this Christmas season. 

Let’s get some hot tea, and have time with traicie to listen to our HR Managers’ wishes for this year. What do they expect for their life, their work? And do they suggest any gifts for their fellow HR professionals this Christmas?

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Steve Browne – Chief People Officer at LaRosa’s, Inc.

Steve Browne, SHRM-SCP  2nd degree connection2nd Chief People Officer at LaRosa's, Inc.

Steve Browne has devoted 30+ years of his career to human resources, the author of HR on Purpose which has been a bestseller for SHRM and Amazon.

In my life, I always wait for two things. The first is the chance to celebrate the birth of our daughter. She will be 29 this year and was born on Christmas Day. The best thing to happen as a Christmas present. The 2nd thing in live I wait for; is to celebrate the holiday itself. It’s a great time to focus on faith, family and friends. 

At work, I work toward helping people get through the holiday season. Not everyone enjoys the season as much as I do and I want to make sure they have a good experience in their jobs so it doesn’t add any undo stress during this time.

About a gift to HR Managers, I’d give them the ability to be integrated throughout the organization so they can positively impact and encourage team members. I would make it so that they no longer sat on the outside of the company looking in. It would allow them to have value themselves and share their talent with others! 

Michelle Wing – SHRM-CP  

Michelle Wing, SHRM-CP (She/Her)  2nd degree connection2nd HR Manager at Eastman & Smith Ltd.

This year for Christmas I would like my performance evaluations filed by the managers with care and am also looking forward to a long winter’s nap!

As for a gift to give an HR Manager, I would suggest focusing on self-care items. Lotions, candles, spa day items, things of that nature. HR has been under a lot of pressure for the past few years and self-care is an important part of recharging our batteries!  

HR has been under a lot of pressure for the past few years and self-care is an important part of recharging our batteries!  

Francesca Di Meglio – Editor at HR Exchange Network

Francesca is an editor of  HR Exchange Network. She keeps tabs on trends in human resources and create a dialogue with senior leaders in HR.

I’d love to have the gift of time for Christmas. As a working mom, who covers the fast-paced, transformational times in the workplace, I never have enough hours in the day.

So, if any employers are listening and can find a way to give the gift of time (maybe offering an extra day off or providing access to some sort of event with the family), then I think that would be much appreciated.

If you’re looking for traditional gifts for HR journalists, however, then I’m old school as a writer. I like pencils, highlighters, and spiral notebooks. That’s how I report and write – on paper with a pencil to start. 

Jasmine Panayides  – Founder and Freelance HR Writer

Jasmine Panayides  2nd degree connection2nd Founder and Freelance HR Writer at HR Writing Services - Creating Content That Converts for HR Technology | Recruitment | L&D | HR

As a CIPD qualified content writer, Jasmine creates premium HR content. She is currently writing for My HRfuture

I think for HR journalists, one gift I would like to give them this Christmas, is a tool that gives them access to all the relevant, reliable and timely research available to help them create high-quality content, faster!

The thing with writers is that the majority of the writing process is research. So if there was a tool that would help us find research faster (rather than scrolling through google), that would really help us.

I guess at the same time, that will help HR professionals, too. As the research can help provide context to support their strategic decision-making.

traicie’s team – AI-powered HR Tech Tool

This Christmas, we want to acknowledge the Human Resources Professionals’ valuable contributions to every industry. As we gather to celebrate the holidays, we wish our Blog’s readers, customers and partners a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year’s Eve.

We are truly appreciative of your support and collaboration, which contributes to our development of services and smart products. We wish you and those you care about a happy holiday season.

                                                                                Merry Christmas, everyone!
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