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Open Vacancy : Lead Developer

About the Traicie



Traicie is a unique HR technology that helps organizations find talented employees in a cost- and time-efficient way. Through AI benchmarking, sourcing, prescreening and multi-matching, employees are found who create added value in the long term because of sustainable job satisfaction!


About the Traicie work environment and culture

We are a total team of 20 genuine, committed people-persons with a sky-high passion for innovative technology.  Central theme is our ‘client-centered’ way of working, in which customers and their needs are our most important driver of innovation.

Each of us is an indispensable link in achieving our goals and together we can do much more than alone. Your weaknesses are compensated for by the strength of a colleague and vise-versa, how blissful is that! No ego-mentality, but learning together and becoming stronger! We’re all in the same boat! 


And our boat is sailing at full speed and today is the time to bring extra people on board. 


About the job …

You can help us with the further development of our application ‘Traicie’. In addition to the effective execution of the programming, you bring added value in analyzing and creating the best solution for the customer. In other words, client centered!


You can put yourself in the shoes of the end user in order to strive for solutions that are intuitive and user-friendly. And you do all this naturally with a focus on performance and optimal operation based on the latest technologies. You test your own work because you want to deliver quality.


Who are you? Your requirement as a lead developer

In the first place, you are passionate about ‘solving human challenges through brilliant technology’. 


In addition, the following items belong to your ‘zone of genius’


  • Our ideas can be complex and challenging, but that makes your brain function extra well.


  • The perspective of shaping Traicie’s success story is already making you happy. You want to make a difference, offer added value, make your mark, be part of something, grow with the organization, make a difference and above all be proud of your contribution!


  • You enjoy working in an agile team. It may happen that your colleagues have questions, which you try to answer with all your experience. Being able to switch quickly and deal with deadlines is absolutely indispensable in your job.


So if we put it together:

  • Working independently and daring to take initiative
  • Co-create rules and agreements and comply with them yourself
  • Ability to adapt to changing circumstances (flexibility)
  • Planning (= organizing)
  • A sense of accuracy
  • Teamplayer
  • Communicative in contact with colleagues and/or customers
  • Ownership


Needed skills in the job of lead developer at traicie  

If you want to blow us away completely, you can do so with the following competencies:

  • You have + 6 years of experience in a project-driven environment.
  • You are a specialist in the field of .NET development.
  • You have an excellent knowledge of ASP.NET core, C#, MVC, Blazor, jQuery, javascript, html, css, ssh, ssl, Azure DevOps. This list of abbreviations is a joke for you and can be supplemented with a lot of other things.
  • You are good at your job and you know that you can quickly familiarize yourself with any new challenge.
  • A plus if you also have experience with python or frontend frameworks such as React, Angular and the like.
  • You can communicate easily with others, even with people you don’t know. Face to face and on the phone.
  • You finish your cases and don’t pass them on without first testing yourself.


Talent, commitment and a progressive learning attitude are a lot more important to us than a diploma. We expect you to be good at your job, but also to want to learn new things. You can easily express yourself in Dutch and English.


Tasks of the lead developer in more detail

  • Thinking about and developing the architecture of the Traicie platform
  • Analyze technical and functional issues to propose both solutions and budgets
  • Establish and execute procedures of the development process
  • Programming of functionalities according to the specifications and in the chosen technology
  • Present a developed functionality
  • Documents and technical support for developers, users, IT services, etc. Elaboration and updating
  • Linking processes through APIs
  • Assisting the sales team in presales with technical knowledge


What we offer the lead developer

We offer you a competitive and fair salary package. Supplemented with fringe benefits  (e.g. group and hospitalisation insurance) in addition to the legally stipulated benefits such as eco vouchers, 13th month, etc. 


We work 39 hours a week as standard. You can work from home 2 days a week. Which days are correct depends on your work schedule and can vary weekly. Work-life integration is of paramount importance to us and we want to contribute to your happiness at work and overall well-being With a 39-hour week, you get the statutory 20 vacation days increased by 6 ADV days.  

A promise: you will contribute to the success of our company and we will ensure that you can further expand your expertise by jointly drawing up a growth trajectory with the necessary training and support.

How do we distinguish ourselves as an employer? In the office there is a ‘pleasant’ and stimulating atmosphere with a certain space for ‘freedom’. If we notice that someone does not feel good in the organization, we immediately start working on it.

Does all this appeal to you and do you want to discover the position? Then scan the QR code below and quickly get in touch with our virtual HR assistant ‘Theresa’☺


Who are the Traicie customers?

Traicie serves customers like Ahold Delhaize, Agilitas, House of HR, Siemens Energy, KBC Devriese. We focus on corporate and mid market customers primarily in Belgium and Holland. Our ambition is to grow a company that serves customers over the world.


Who is leading Traicie?

The leadership team consist of Jochen Roef (CEO), David Van Canegem (CTO) and Johan Van Genechten (Chairman of the Board)   

Are there investors involved in Traicie?

Yes, to ensure financial stability and future growth Traicie has investors on board.  


Is hybrid working possible? As an colleague of Traicie, do you need to work in the office every day?

Yes, hybrid working is possible, and no, you don’t have to come to the office every day.  There are colleagues who are not even living in Belgium, so Traicie is used to working in a hybrid work setting. Generally Traicie colleagues work in the office 2 to 3 days a week.  


How many developers are there within Traicie?  How many developer will the lead developer lead?

We have a total team of 7 technical colleagues working on the product. Not all of them you will be leading. The goal is that you lead the project and the architect and that you further grow the team with us.



Where is Traicie located? Where is the office of Traicie

Traicie location is in Gent, Belgium.

Actual address :The Traicie temporary office is in Gent, near IKEA, due to renovation of our office in Drongen, 100 meters from the exit E40.



What is the hiring process? What does the hiring process look like?

The first part was done by our sourcing bot who found your profile on LinkedIn based on your skills, experience and communication style. The conversation you are now having is the second part where you can ask questions and our virtual assistant answers them. Then the virtual assistant will do a first pre-screening orientation interview. If then the candidate and the virtual assistant agree there is a fit, the next step is that you will be invited to our offices to talk to our CTO, colleagues and CEO.