RecruitmentLAB and traicie announce partnership on sourcing and selection of ICT profiles using AI technology.

July 6, 2021  •  Jochen Roef

With a growing list of bottleneck professions and 375 million workers worldwide facing a career change by 2030, the need for HR tech to enrich and accelerate the recruitment process is growing.  Leading the way in the War for Talent is IT, which ranks #1 among the ‘impossible to find’ profiles.

To meet this global IT recruitment challenge RecruitmentLAB and traicie join hands as complementary partners.

Today it makes no sense to ‘wait’ for the perfect developer to show up. Training is the new recruitment so assessing potential and cultural fit becomes crucial, says Jochen Roef, CEO of traicie. Companies want to predict whether it is smart to invest in a certain candidate. This is exactly what traicie does in an AI based and therefore candidate friendly way.

There is no shortage of candidates for your ICT vacancies!

Very surprising, but true, says Olivier Gustin, managing director of RecruitmentLAB. Clients who have an eye for recruiting based on aptitude and values, tap into an inexhaustible source of ICT candidates. traicie helps to quickly and accurately map the attitudes of your best employees and use these as a benchmark for incoming candidates. This way our clients recruit ICT professionals with the confidence that the investment in ICT skills and personal competencies will pay off for both.

“Recruit based on values that fit your corporate culture. Hire for attitude, train for skills.”

Lifelong learning

Candidates selected on work style and culture require an initial start-up through training, but stay with the organisation for longer, often in different positions. The motivation to learn is higher because of an intrinsic match with the functions and the organisation. The employee lifetime value of these employees is higher.


Is an AI based screening technology that supports modern recruiters by fully automated pre-screening of candidates on level of character, work style and cultural fit.

Why does RecruitmentLAB use Traicie?

“By using traicie’s AI technology we are speeding up prescreening and selection turnaround times by an average of 35% without compromising on the quality of the candidates recruited.”

RecruitmentLAB has 10 years of experience in employer branding, recruitment and selection of ICT profiles. Interested to know more? Please contact Olivier Gustin or Krista Rampelberg.