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Empowering All Roles in Human Capital


Our tailored solutions are designed to boost the effectiveness of all stakeholders in talent acquisition. Harness the power of AI to streamline your workflow, structure hiring data to make more informed decisions and connect with top candidates. It is our utmost ambition to provide a solid solution both for strategic and operational struggles.

Typical challenges we solve

Strategic issue


Biased hiring


Reactive Workforce planning


Inconsistent quality of hire


High attribution


Unbalanced TA - Finance


Narrow talent pool

Operational issue


Low candidate response


High effort cv prescreening


High drop out recuitment process


Low candidate inflow

We empower all roles

Up to 45% Reduction in Repetitive Tasks

Discover HR’s evolution, from sourcers to CHROs, powered by traicie. Unlock 11 hours of weekly time savings and actionable insights to enhance efficiency, candidate experiences, and growth. Essential for HR leaders embracing technology.

Sourcer & Recuiter

Explore strategies to maximize your impact in sourcing top talent, reignite your passion for the art of talent discovery, and harness technology. Dive deeper to uncover new dimensions in your role as a Sourcer.

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Talent Acquisition Leaders

Explore how to enhance team effectiveness, rediscover the excitement in recruitment, and leverage technology for growth. Dive deeper to uncover new possibilities in Talent Acquisition leadership.

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Explore how technology and leadership intersect to shape the future of HR. Dive deeper to uncover the transformative potential of HRIS and CHRO positions in the modern workforce.

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HR Director & VP People

Explore the profound impact HR directors and VP of People can have on shaping a thriving workforce. Dive deeper to uncover the keys to fostering growth and success in these pivotal roles.

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In a market where no qualified IT professionals are found, traicie helps me to identify the right potential candidates and objectify soft skills with the IT Director. Apart from that, traicie saves me 1.5 hours in assessment time per candidate!

Olivier Gustin

Olivier Gustin

Recruiter for Ahold Delhaize

Gain in assessment


per candidate

Want the same
for your team?

Seamless integrations to get you started faster

Connect traicie with your existing recruitment tech stack ( CRM / ATS ) to make all your data easier to understand and act on.