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Unlock more talent with AI.

AI talent engine that augments the way you recruit, internally and externally

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Finding diverse talent has never been easier​

Traicie solves the strategic and operational challenges of recruiting talent.

Our platform is designed to

Enlarge talent pool

Traicie’s AI sourcing looks beyond the boundaries of diploma and identical roles to find more talent.

35% more valuable candidates based on relevant skills and aptitude.

Boost productivity

Traicie allows recruiters to focus on the most important part of their job, interacting with candidates.

45% reduction in repetitive tasks for HR teams using Traicie.  

Match objectivity

Traicie’s AI analyses ensure a consistent quality of hires across diverse TA teams.

68% more information early in the process supports hiring decisions.

AI talent platform that links attitude and skills to workplace success


Traicie’s algorithms benchmark top performers on their business critical capabilities and behavioral traits. 

These objective talent indicators are then sought after through AI enriched sourcing, internally and externally, followed by tech augmented skills parsing to save precious time. 

The final step is automated personalized messaging to maximize the return on outreach activities.



Objectify and align with HR on distinctive traits and skills that are directly linked to workplace success.


Proactively create a large talent pool based on skills, aptitude and a candidate convenient application process.


Objectively prescreen large sets of candidates and match them with multiple vacancies.


Reach out to relevant candidates in a personalized and time efficient way.


Experience the clear benefits of future proof, tech assisted recruitment, today!

Engage talent beyond limitation

Break free from traditional recruitment channels.

With our platform, you can connect with potential candidates internally and externally through various channels and platforms, reaching them where they are most active and engaged, expanding your reach and impact.

Match with skill and behavioral based precision

Leverage the power of AI to match candidates with pinpoint accuracy.

Our platform analyzes skill sets, experiences, and behavioral preferences, ensuring that every match is a sustainable fit with your organization.

Confidently invest in people

Make sure development efforts are well targeted towards the right candidates and employees, using advanced algorithms to predict upskilling and reskilling success.

The power of Augmented Recuitement

Our AI recruitment software is an advanced technology that uses artificial intelligence and automation to simplify and enhance various recruitment tasks.


increase in candidate engagement


more effective use of incoming resumes


decrease in repetitive tasks


Hours Saved Weekly

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