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Get to know traicie

traicie is a support tool that can be deployed to answer the HR challenges of both today and tomorrow. Through artificial intelligence (AI), the tool becomes the recruiter's companion in screening candidates. It essentially provides them with an initial screen of all candidates without having to interview straight away. This greatly improves efficiency, saving time that could be used in investing in the final candidates, while also providing additional insights into the candidate's soft skills.

traicie is based on a personality profiling algorithm that can map candidates using semantics and select the ideal profile to complement the team, based on a predetermined profile that is linked to the desired soft skills.

The semantic screening automatically matches the best candidates to the predetermined role. In addition, traicie has a text optimizer function to check if the job advertisement uses the correct terms and is targeted to attract a certain profile. You need to resonate with your ideal candiate, so talking the same language, using words that touch the right emotions, is key to attracting the right applicants.

Meet Jochen Roef

Co-founder and CEO of traicie

After obtaining an MA in psychology, Jochen worked in various sales and HR positions for international companies. His passion for people and performance led him to found Blinc Sales Institute in 2010, which has become a trusted consultancy partner for several international corporate and enterprise companies. Furthermore, his profound interest in language led him to deeply study the predictive markers of personality and work style in written language. Together with Professor Guy De Pauw, Senior Researcher from the Computational Linguistics Department of the University of Antwerp, he built the fundamental traicie algorithm that now powers the web- and browser-based HR solution.


Success is an attitude. As a leading recruitment service agency, we want to stay ahead by providing excellent candidates. We understand the value of a degree or experience, but we recognize that the right attitude is key to the success of turning a new employee into absolute human capital. traicie is our ideal companion in creating an efficient, objective and soft skills-oriented recruitment process. This is especially important to us because our business specializes in finding the best talent for hard-to-fill positions, so we need to understand the very essence of each candidate to ensure the optimum fit for our clients.

Steve Rousseau - CEO of House of Talents

traicie is a very nice application, very intuitive and therefore easy to use. At the start it is a challenge to balance the vacancies well, but you soon get the hang of it. Additionally, the Traicie team is very approachable and responds very quickly to questions or comments. A suggestion for improvement was made in no time. Therefore, the tool is highly recommended.

Katrijn Van den Hende - Project Manager e-Learning

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AI-based recruitment platform traicie closes €850,000 joint funding round with Belfius and PMV

traicie announced today that it will receive a combined investment of €850,000 from its founders Jochen Roef and Claude Chielens, together with the Flemish investment company PMV, and Belfius, a bank insurer with a sound local footing. The investment will allow traicie to ramp up its commercialization and develop new features.

Read the press release in full here.

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