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Power up your talent acquisition strategy with our advanced modules. Our tech suite enables the talent acquisition team to locate and connect with candidates in a deeply personalized, impactful, and time-efficient manner. Harness the art and science of talent engagement to create lasting relationships and drive your organization’s success. 

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Modules overview

Our powerful analytics tools allow you to gain deep insights into your audience demographics, behaviors, and engagement, helping you to make informed decisions and adjust your strategy as needed.
Platform Modules

Modules in details​

The below algorithms and functionalities supercharge the different steps in your talent acquisition process, creating tangible strategic and operational value.
1. Understand

Unlocking Ideal Talent Insights

Objectify and align with HR on distinctive traits and skills that are directly linked to workplace success with these 3 modules:


  • Competence Analysis

    Assess core skills for exceptional job performance.

  • Behavioral Analysis

    Understand candidates’ behaviors for cultural fit.

  • Benchmarking Module

    Compare talent against industry excellence for strategic hires.

2. Broaden

Expanding Your Talent Horizon

Proactively build a vast talent pool with skill-centric, user-friendly applications with these 3 modules:


  • CV Database Analysis

    Unlock Hidden Gems in Your Candidate Database.

  • WhatsApp Module

    Streamlined Communication for Modern Talent Engagement.

  • AI Sourcing

    Harness AI for Precise Talent Discovery and Acquisition.

3. Predict

Behavioral Precision Forecasting

Objectively prescreen candidates, matching them with multiple vacancies, with these 3 modules:


  • Matching Module

    Precise Candidate-Vacancy Pairing for Optimal Fit.

  • Multi-matching Module

    Efficiently Match Candidates with Multiple Vacancies.

  • Culture Module

    Assess Cultural Compatibility for Harmonious Workplace Dynamics.

4. Engage

Connect with Relevance and Efficiency

Reach out to candidates personally and efficiently, with these 3 modules:


  • Smart Enrichment

    Enhance Candidate Profiles for Targeted Outreach.

  • Personalized Messaging

    Tailored Communication for Meaningful Connections.

  • Automated Outreach

    Effortless Engagement with Time-Saving Automation.

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Explore our customers’ success stories