Empowering All Roles in Human Capital

Typical challenges we solve

Strategic issues


Our tailored solutions are designed to boost the effectiveness of all stakeholders in talent acquisition. Harness the power of AI to streamline your workflow, structure hiring data to make more informed decisions and connect with top candidates. It is our utmost ambition to provide a solid solution both for strategic and operational struggles.

Strategic challenges are issues related to the overall contribution of human capital to the business results.

Biased hiring

Subconscious human thinking patterns that have an unwanted influence in the hiring process.

Reactive Workforce planning

Hiring to much ad hoc with to little data on potential of candidates to grow within the company.

Inconsistent quality of hire

Lack of quality baseline over the diverse team of junior and senior recruiters.

High attribution

Big percentage of newly joined hires leave the organization prematuraly.

Unbalanced TA - Finance

The cost at which candidates are found and hired is too high.

Narrow talent pool

The situation in which very few candidates can be found that have the required (high level) skills and experience.

Operational issue​s

Operational challenges are issues related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the daily work of the recruiter and sourcer.

Low candidate response

Very little positive respons when proactively reaching out to candidates.

High effort cv prescreening

Unstructured manual processing of hundreds or thousands of incoming resumes.

High drop out recuitment process

To few candidates progress after initial contact, interview or job offer.

Low candidate inflow

Difficulty in attracting qualified applicants for open positions.

Unbalanced TA - Finance

The cost at which candidates are found and hired is too high

We empower all roles

Up to 45% Reduction in Repetitive Tasks​

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Seamless integrations to get you started faster

Connect traicie with your existing recruitment tech stack ( CRM / ATS ) to make all your data easier to understand and act on.