Unmistakably inclusive.
Exceptionally efficient.

traicie is unbiased. Guarantee inclusiveness and diversity within your teams.
All the while speeding up the recruitment process and significantly
increasing the success rate of your hires.

5 Reasons to Hire with Traicie


Hiring for attitude made easy

The technology behind traicie can pick up these soft skills and link them to a profile description, thus forming a richer picture of the candidate in a convenient way. You will be able to know if a candidate will fit in the company and an existing team.


Screen objectively interview empathically

No more problems with unconscious bias or prejudice. Screen applicants objectively and use a personalized and empathic approach during your interview.


Find more suitable candidates

Search beyond qualifications and experience. Find quality candidates that have the right attitude and potential to suit the job. Match beyond the confines of just one vacancy.


Shorten the recruitment cycle

No more waiting for an applicant to fill out personality and motivation tests. Get all the information you need straight from the resume or LinkedIn profile and spend your valuable time interviewing the most suitable candidates.


How does traicie work?

traicie is an AI algorithm that detects personality through in-depth writing style analysis. The output helps recruiters perform faster and more objective job matching. traicie provides detailed insight into a person's natural work style and finds the candidate with the closest 'natural' fit. This saves time and money!

Meet the Founding Team

Jochen Roef


David Van Canegem


Jochen Roef


Jochen graduated in 2003 with a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Ghent. Early in his sales career he discovered that he loves to write. This, combined with his passion for understanding what makes people tick, led him to investigate how social skills influence the sales process. He has written three books about his findings: ‘Het salesboek voor elk type verkoper’, ‘Me & Company’, ‘Mensen raken = klanten maken, differentieer je salesaanpak met RIO personality based selling’.


David Van Canegem


David graduated in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in informatics. His passion for IT and technology drove him to create Codevid, a software development and IT services company which specializes in providing solutions for life science and technology businesses. He also founded OmniTi BV.

David soon became a shareholder in traicie, and his company Codevid is the team behind traicie’s platform and website.

David has a son and lives in Aalst, Belgium.


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