Our tailored solutions for HRIS specialist are designed to seamlessly integrate in your current technology landscape, creating a clear overview of augmenting tools and streamlining processes fundamentally.

Dragging recruitment process


Today’s candidates demand a lean process and expect a high level of convenience when applying, otherwise they drop out of the process.



Traicie’s algorithms allow candidate convenient prescreening enabling a shortened application process while maintaining the highest level of quality and structured data.

Overload of new tools


AI is on the rise and the HR tech landscape is getting increasingly difficult to navigate. Separating the wheat from the chaff is hard.



Traicie’s algorithms stem from solid academic collaboration and were validated over time by corporate users, backing both the validity as the added value in the daily hiring context.

Scattered HR tech stack


A patchwork of tools does not support, but undermines the effectiveness of today’s crazy busy Talent Acquisition specialists.



Traicie’s API driven modules allow value creation throughout the complete hiring process and seamless integration into the core ATS of the modern enterprise.

Customer Story

In a market where no qualified IT professionals are found, traicie helps me to identify the right potential candidates and objectify soft skills with the IT Director. Apart from that, traicie saves me 1.5 hours in assessment time per candidate!

Olivier Gustin

Olivier Gustin

Recruiter for Ahold Delhaize

Gain in assessment


per candidate

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Connect traicie with your existing recruitment tech stack ( CRM / ATS ) to make all your data easier to understand and act on.