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Our tailored solutions for Sourcers and Recruiters are designed to boost your effectiveness in talent acquisition. 

Harness the power of AI to assist you in repetitive tasks, streamline your workflow and connect with top candidates seamlessly.

Unrealistic business demands


Endless discussions with the business that end up in unworkable profile demands leave you stuck at the very beginning of the hiring process.



Profile benchmarking Objectively create comprehensive candidate profiles, ensuring that you capture all business critical skills and attributes that directly link to performance.

A lot to do, in too little time


Intake, searching, preselecting, outreach, follow up, prescreening, interviewing, follow up, convincing, offering. All equally important tasks!



Augmented automation allows you to focus on the parts of your job where you add the most human value, while letting the machine do the repetitive and high-effort tasks.

High effort, low return outreach


Proactive outreach to candidates is a drag, because very few talents respond positively to your contacting efforts.



Automated outreach combines the best of ‘automation’ while adding ‘personalization’, allowing you to achieve more engagement from candidates with less wasted effort.

Customer Story

In a market where no qualified IT professionals are found, traicie helps me to identify the right potential candidates and objectify soft skills with the IT Director. Apart from that, traicie saves me 1.5 hours in assessment time per candidate!

Olivier Gustin

Olivier Gustin

Recruiter for Ahold Delhaize

Gain in assessment


per candidate

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Seamless integrations to get you started faster

Connect traicie with your existing recruitment tech stack (CRM / ATS) to make all your data easier to understand and act on.