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Talent Acquisition Leaders

Our tailored solutions for Talent Acquisition Leaders are designed to boost the effectiveness of your team while reducing high effort repetitive tasks and bringing more fun and meaning to the recruitment role. 

Use your company’s recruitment tech stack as a convincing argument to further grow your TA team.

Narrow talent pools


The war for talent is a widespread issue making it very challenging to find and attract qualified candidates in a large number of roles.



AI enriched sourcing allows the TA team to access big talents pools where the competition is not looking. Enriched sourcing is based on similar jobs, similar skills and similar attitude.

High sourcing costs


Today’s employer branding, job boards and candidate platforms are expensive and fail to bring the expected number of candidates.



Automated multi-matching maximizes the return on sourcing investments allowing candidates to be matched to multiple vacancies without extra effort.


High candidate drop out


The war for talent is over and the talent has won. Today talent demands convenience and fast feedback or they abandon the application.



Traicie’s modules allow candidate convenient prescreening, shortening and accelerating the process for the benefit of candidate and recruiter.


Customer Story

In our hiring strategy we value the House of Talent DNA higher than just years of experience. We really look for the 'HOT Warrior' attitude. The traicie technology supports our way of hiring and enlarges our talent pool.

Annemijn Van Hoof

Annemijn Van Hoof

HR Business Partner @House Of Talents

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Connect traicie with your existing recruitment tech stack (CRM / ATS) to make all your data easier to understand and act on.