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House of Talentstraicie -The long-term collaboration to assist modern-day recruiters

The long-term collaboration to assist modern-day recruiters

Gent, Belgium, May 13, 2020 – traicie, an innovative company specializing in automated soft skills screening for HR applications, announced a long-term collaboration with Belgium’s most AI-minded HR player, House of Talents.

The war for talent is one of the most challenging aspects of recruitment today. The best candidates are quickly snapped up, which makes it essential to use more efficient and candidate-convenient ways of finding high-quality employees.

Furthermore, traditional personality tests can provide unrealistic results because candidates often “game” the test by anticipating the “correct” answers.

traicie uses artificial intelligence to look beyond qualifications and experience objectively and efficiently to find candidates with the best soft skills for the vacancy.

It analyses their word choice in CVs and LinkedIn profiles and compares this to a predefined vacancy profile. This pre-screen provides a shortlist of potential candidates, giving recruiters more time to prepare a personalized interview approach.




traicie’s AI algorithm is simple and intuitive to use, providing objective assistance at every step of the recruitment process:

  • Defining vacancy profiles
  • Optimizing the advertisement to appeal to the correct type of candidate
  • Analyzing applicants’ soft skills
  • Providing a percentage match between applicants and the predefined job profile

“Success is an attitude. As a leading recruitment service agency, we recognize that the right attitude is key to the success of turning a new employee into total human capital. traicie is our ideal companion in creating an efficient, objective and soft-skills-oriented recruitment process. This is especially important to us because we need to understand the very essence of each candidate to ensure the optimum fit for our clients’ hard-to-fill positions. A win-win-win for all three parties that will make the difference in the HR market” stated Steve Rousseau, CEO of House of Talents.

Jochen Roef, CEO of traicie, explained, “This deal will allow us to build our infrastructure and ultimately offer traicie to more recruiters. We truly believe our tool has the potential to revolutionize recruiting. More candidate-convenient and faster than a personality test, traicie can provide real benefits to companies. Easily identify better personality fits with your vacancies while saving time in the process.”

traicie collaboration with House of Talents

traicie collaboration with House of Talents

Updated 2022

June 2022
Special Force Services (SFS) has recently been acquired by the international HR group House of Talents in order to strengthen its subsidiary Technical Talents.

Furthermore, SFS is a business specialising in technical outsourcing, construction, maintenance, installation and customisation. The company was founded in 2019 and is active across the West of Flanders. As of the 1st of July 2022, Technical Talents will take over all staff from Special Force Services.

House of Talents, founded in 2008, has 11 specialised companies focusing on bottleneck professions. These businesses operate in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany and employ over 2,500 specialists in various fields.

About traicie

traicie is an AI-based algorithm that analyzes job applicants’ soft skills from their word choice in CVs and public social media profiles. traicie performs an initial screening of job applicants, providing an objective shortlist of only the most suitable candidates based on a predetermined format. To find out more, please visit traicie.com.

About House of Talents

House of Talents, founded in 2008, is an HR service provider specializing in shortage profiles from Project Staffing, Interim Management, and Direct Search to Selection & Recruitment. We offer the right solution for all needs of both companies and candidates. House of Talents employs more than 1,000 people across its 10 Talent branches. We ensure that each candidate finds a job made for them while also finding the right candidate for our clients to fill their vacant positions.

For more information, contact:
Jochen Roef, CEO traicie BV


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