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Ework Group traicie advance their consultant matching services in IT

traicie, an innovative company specializing in automated soft skills screening for HR applications, today announced a new collaboration with leading European independent consultant supplier Ework Group.

Ework Group supplies consultants to client assignments in IT, technology and business development, based on their skills and experience. Before the collaboration with traicie, Ework mapped each consultant’s work style through a personality test that they filled out. They had been searching for a more convenient and unbiased method of doing this and therefore contacted traicie.

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traicie’s AI algorithm evaluates the soft skills of job applicants based on semantic analysis of their CVs or LinkedIn profiles. It then provides a percentage match between the candidate and a predefined job profile.

The screening algorithm can automate the candidate analysis that is already carried out by Ework Group, saving time and adding a layer of convenience and objectivity to the matching process.

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“It is an honor to have been selected by Ework Group to enter into this collaboration with them. We believe our platform is the ideal addition to their services and traicie will benefit from this stepping-stone into the international markets,” stated Jochen Roef, CEO of traicie.

About traicie

traicie is an AI-based algorithm that analyzes job applicants’ soft skills from their word choice in CVs and public social media profiles. traicie performs an initial screen of job applicants, providing an objective shortlist of only the most suitable candidates based on a predetermined profile. To find out more, please visit traicie.com.

Do you know that traicie’s AI-empowered tool for HR Team in strategic operational value in recruiting process for term of:

  1. Cost of a job board- Reduce annual spending on job boards
  2. Cost of HR’S tools – Reduce the cost of surveys and assessment tools.
  3. Recruitment costs – Reduce selection costs
  4. Internal mobility – Fill more skilled jobs with internal staff
  5. Time to hire – Reduce the number of days a role goes unfilled.
  6. Salary costs – Reduce overall salary costs
  7. Attrition – Reduce the rate of turnover
  8. Recruitment cost – Reduce the general recruitment cost


About Ework Group

Ework Group is a market-leading and independent consultant provider operating in northern Europe, which focuses on IT, telecom, technology, and business development. Without having consultants employed, Ework can impartially match every assignment with the right competence from the whole market.

For 20 years, we have developed our service offering in which our two business areas, Signature and Verama, contribute to a more dynamic, well-functioning and future-proof competence market. With higher competitiveness, competence comes into its own and more people get to work with what they do best.

Ework was founded in Sweden in 2000 and today operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Poland. Today we are about 300 employees, have framework agreements with more than 170 leading companies covering most industries, and over 12,000 consultants on assignment. Together, we continue to develop Ework and contribute to a better functioning and seamless competence market, where more professionals and organisations fulfil their potential.

For more information, contact:
Jochen Roef, CEO traicie BV


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