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Ramp Global traicie support recruiters to better screen diverse talent.

About traicie’s customer Ramp Global collaboration with traicie

HR technology solution providers, Ramp Global and traicie join forces in an international alliance to support Global employers to better access and screen diverse talent.

With 375 million workers globally who have to switch occupations or acquire new skills by 2030, the quest for automated and AI augmented selection of talent is on! Add to that GEN_Z who is entering the workplace and the enormous focus on objectivity, diversity and equity, and HR departments have themselves a real handful.

To meet the global recruitment challenges faced by many employers, Ramp Global and traicie join hands as complementary HR technology partners.

How traicie’s technology can better screen diverse talent for Ramp Global

“The future of recruitment is all about technology and transformation” says John Paul Caffery, Founder & CEO of Ramp Global. “That’s why our source-to-pay agency management platform focuses on streamlining and simplifying the way global employers manage their agency supply-chain whilst providing easier access to fresh talent pools.”

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“While Ramp Global focusses on agency sourced talent, our technology helps internal recruitment teams to quickly and objectively screen candidates on skills, attitude and culture fit in an inclusive way to ensure they meet the needs of the business”, says Jochen Roef, CEO of traicie, an AI based prescreening tool founded in Belgium.

Ramp Global and traicie shared vision

“We see companies looking for high potential candidates who have an agile mindset and distinguish themselves by important soft skills like eagerness to learn, communication skills and self-management. Our technology allows ‘AI augmented’ prescreening of candidates resumes and profiles by automatically extracting their acquired skills, workstyle and attitude based on language processing.

Together Ramp Global and traicie have the ambition to help global companies both on the quantitative and qualitative aspect of sourcing and selecting.”

About RAMP Global

RAMP Global platform offers a source-to-pay agency management solution to help employers manage staffing agencies more efficiently whilst saving significant costs. RAMP Global’s reach to over 20,000 agencies make it simple for employers to engage suppliers in over 30 countries.

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About traicie
traicie is an HR tech company. Its mission is to be the most objective and inclusive pre-screening tool helping people worldwide to find a job in which they can use their natural qualities.

Website: https://traicie.com


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