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“Agile People: A Radical Approach for HR & Managers” [Free PDF]

Agile People: A Radical Approach for HR & Managers

The cultures of corporations, the global mindsets of employees, and the priorities that employees hold are all evolving, which means that management and the departments that deal with human resources must also grow.

In order to ensure that teams are well constructed, motivated, and successful, managers and HR professionals need to break out of their comfort zones and adapt to younger and more modern ways of thinking; in other words, they need to become agile.

Pia-Maria Thoren, a management consultant, outlines in her book “Agile People” how managers, human resources professionals, company decision-makers, and employees can adopt a flexible, fluid, and customer-focused mindset with modern technologies to inspire employees and strengthen their organizations.

This essential handbook explains both the theoretical underpinnings of the Agile framework as well as its practical applications, demonstrating to businesses how they can do the following:

• Prepare for future challenges as an organisation, by first establishing a strong culture and structure.

• Provide management and human resources with a new way of thinking and the tools necessary to facilitate employee drive and performance.

• Empower employees to become motivated stakeholders.

• Adopt hiring practices that value attitude, behaviour, and competence.

• Create a workforce that is passionate, loyal, and successful.

Adopting an agile mindset can benefit any organization, regardless of its size, and help launch it into a future full of successful leadership and highly motivated employees.

Reviews from HR Professionals for Agile People: a Radical approach for HR & managers (that leads to motivated employees) 

“If there is any person I associate with HR and Agile, it is Pia-Maria Thoren. I don’t know anyone in Europe who is so dedicated to bringing those critical areas together.

I have worked with Pia-Maria on many occasions and know her to be very knowledgeable and a great pleasure to hang out with. A book by her hands will undoubtedly end up high on my backlog.”


Agile People: A Radical Approach for HR & Managers Free Ebook PDF download

“Pia-Maria is a pioneer in the area of Agile HR. We solicited her advice in the very early days of preparing for our transformation in way-of-work at ING’s Dutch HR department. Pia-Maria helped us to get good at oversight in the complex matter of what it takes to become truly ‘agile’ as an HR department.

Anyone interested in agile transformation should be interested in Agile HR (more appropriately phrased ‘Agile people/employee services’). I recommend that all of them pay close attention to what Pia-Maria says.”

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