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The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook Barbara Mitchell – Cornelia Gamlem

The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook: A quick and convenient reference for managers, team leaders, HR professionals, and anyone else who wants to resolve conflicts and boost productivity.

Review of The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook

Since modern workplaces are dynamic, it should not come as a surprise that tension can quickly become destructive. The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook Free PDF is the perfect resource for anyone willing to confront workplace conflict rather than avoid it. Conflict, when properly managed, can be a source of innovation and creativity.

The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook will help employees, managers at all levels, and business owners answer the following crucial questions by utilizing examples drawn from a wide range of corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, along with checklists and other practical tools.

  1. What is changing in today’s workplace and workforce?
  2. Are the appropriate concerns being addressed?
  3. How can we generate more options for conflict resolution?
  4. What is my approach to conflict, and why is it significant?
  5. How do I establish and manage expectations?
  6. What occurs when disruptive behavior becomes unmanageable?

Positive interactions are essential for workplace success. This essential new book gives you the confidence to communicate effectively with a clear understanding of your individual responsibility, regardless of your position or title. It also provides your organization with a plan for fostering a tension-free workplace.

The Essential Guide to Workplace Conflict with Summary

Change leads to stress, and stress leads to conflict. If we ever required an understanding of workplace conflict, it is now. The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook examines workplace dynamics and uses real-world examples of conflict to aid readers in comprehending the topic.

  • Evolving in modern workplaces.
  • How to find the proper solution for an issue.
  • Individual conflict style and how to manage it.
  • The significance of attentiveness.
  • How to generate options for conflict resolution.
  • What occurs when disruptive behavior becomes unmanageable?

Conflict, when properly managed, can be a source of innovation and creativity. Positive interactions are essential to the success of workplaces worldwide. The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook instills confidence in readers and equips organizations with a strategy for fostering tension-free workplaces.

The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook Reviews from HR Professionals:

“The pragmatic solutions offered in The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook help minimize the human drama inherent in conflict resolution, which inevitably strengthens the team. This book is a must-read.”

—Mark A. Raitor, Chief Operating Officer, Independent Community Bankers of America

“Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem have done it again! In their latest book, The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook, they explore the many facets of workplace conflict using practical examples. They provide terrific advice on exploiting as well as resolving it. Buy it, read it, rely on it, and you will never
regret it!”
—Sarah Bowman Rajtik, PHR, Chief of Staff/Director of Human Resources, The RSR Company

“Following their success with The Big Book of HR, Gamlem and Mitchell have produced another winner with The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook. This practical, hands-on guide to managing workplace conflict should be on the bookshelf—and in the hands—of managers at all levels of organizations large
and small.”
—Ralph Kidder, Chief Financial Officer, Marymount University (Retired)

“Having a productive and engaged workforce is an imperative for organizations to be successful. Leaders must be able to not only motivate their teams but they must also be able to deal effectively with conflict. In this book Cornelia and Barbara discuss the causes of conflict and they also provide clear suggestions for addressing each different situation. This is an excellent resource for anyone with ‘people’ responsibility.”
—Janet Parker, SPHR, EVP, Corporate HR, Regions Bank

“Cornelia Gamlem and Barbara Mitchell have another hit on their hands. They have identified the single most important issue resulting from workplace stress, and then told us how to effectively deal with it. Conflict management skills can be greatly enhanced using their new book. Every manager and supervisor in America should have their own copy dog-eared within a week.”
—William H. Truesdell, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, The Management Advantage, Inc., Co-author, PHR/SPHR Certification Exam Guide

“Conflict is inevitable in the workplace, and so often HR finds itself in the middle of conflict situations. The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook contains real-life examples which are useful in resolving conflicts. Recognizing there are rarely ‘one size fits all’ solutions that satisfy all parties, the book covers a variety of topics. To address conflicts arising from the many changes in today’s workplace the book discusses a scenario involving individuals from diverse backgrounds and generations, who grew up with different views, who must now work together.

A key topic also covered is managing expectations. While we expect adults in the workplace to act maturely, this is not always the case, and someone must step in to arbitrate. This handbook a valuable resource for HR professionals, managers, anyone involved in resolving workplace conflicts and I highly
recommend its reading.”
—Gus Siekierka, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, CSC

“The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook is greatly needed in the American workplace. With cultural diversity, changes in demographics, and rapidly changing technology, I’m not sure how we’ve come this far without this masterpiece. The authors have clearly defined all aspects of conflict and the resolution thereof. A must-have for every office and workplace. It truly is ESSENTIAL!”
—Kathleen Zurenko, MCS, Adjunct Professor, Daytona State College

“Conflict in the workplace, while often stressful, can be the sign of a vibrant, creative, and engaged culture… especially when it arises from legitimately different views of how to proceed with something. The trick is how to leverage that tension to bring about the optimal solutions while retaining, and perhaps even developing inter-person and intra-team relationships. This book is a thoughtful and useful guide to not just ‘conflict resolution’ but what I call ‘conflict optimization.’ I highly recommend that everyone—not just leaders— read and benefit from it.”
—Al Risdorfer, CHRO, Digital Divide Data

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