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Review: HR in the Boardroom – The HR Professional’s Guide to Earning a Place in the C-Suite

Overview of “HR in the Boardroom”

“HR in the Boardroom” The HR Professional’s Guide to Earning a Place in the C-Suite  focuses on how the CEO, the executive team, and the board of directors can work well with senior HR executives. This is the first book of its kind. “HR in the Boardroom” features several case studies and interviews with HR professionals working in various industries and locations.

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About the author

Lance Wright is the managing partner and CEO of the management consulting firm Lance Wright & Associates, LLC, based in Washington, DC. Mr Wright was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, and has lived and worked in the United States, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.   He has written several articles on corporate leadership, including the white paper that led to the global ANSI standard used to create the ideal profile for corporate chief security officers.

Before starting his own business, Mr Wright was the senior vice president of human resources and administration for USEC Inc., a global energy company whose primary business is enriching uranium for commercial power plants. USEC is also the leading US government representative in the “Megatons to Megawatts” program.   Here, Russian nuclear warheads are turned into fuel that can be used to make energy for peaceful purposes.

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In addition to being the chief human resources officer for USEC, Mr Wright was also in charge of the company’s susceptible and classified information technology and security functions. As a direct report to the CEO and a member of the USEC executive committee, Mr Wright helped shape USEC’s business strategy and its response to the complex and highly competitive environment in which the company worked.    

Early in his career, Mr Wright worked for Johnson & Higgins as a financial services consultant on Wall Street (now part of Marsh and McLennan). Before joining Johnson & Higgins, he worked as an institutional counsellor for Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association – College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF).   Mr Wright’s first job was at eastern Michigan University as an employment manager.

Earlier, he finished a Bachelor of Science in political science and economics at this university.   He also has an MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science in industrial relations and personnel management. He and his wife, Shelly, have two daughters who are now adults. HR in the Boardroom

Reviews “HR in the Boardroom” Book

“Lance Wright has ‘been-there-done-that’ twice. As such, he knows what he speaks. As one who has spent decades alongside those with a seat at the table and others who want a seat, I can attest to Lance’s knowledge and experience. This book has value for those at the top of the HR organisation and those on their way.” – Carl L. Harshman, Founder & CEO, Carl L. Harshman & Associates   “HR in the Boardroom provides insight into the role HR can and should play at the top level of any organisation. Whether you are an HR professional, senior executive, CEO, or board member, the book gives you real-world advice, based on the author’s real-world experience, that’s well worth reading.” – James R. Mellor, Former Chairman and CEO of General Dynamics Corporation; Former Chairman of AmerisourceBergen Corporation, and USEC Inc.   “HR in the Boardroom gives any young professional embarking on a career in human resources a clear and concise guide to the skills needed for success. It talks about what HR professionals need to reach the C-Suite and what they should do to stay there.” – Ralph E Lattanzio, ‘Career Doctor’, Affiliate Professor and Employer in Residence, ExxonMobil Foundation and George Mason University   “This book works. It’s full of real-life experiences about what it takes to be a successful HR executive. Apply these insights – and take your seat at the top table!” – Nick Starritt.  

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