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Top DEIB Leaders of 2022: Advocate for Underrepresented groups (Part 2)

Our previous blog post introduced you to eight young DEIB leaders making waves and fighting for underrepresented people. Today, we’re back with eight more inspiring leaders doing fantastic work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their respective fields. These young professionals are changing the game and setting a new standard for what it means to be advocates for underrepresented groups.

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Please keep reading to learn more about them and their work.

Annette Reavis, Chief People Officer at Envoy

Annette Reavis  3rd degree connection3rd Chief People Officer, Envoy - Innovative People Leader, Coach, Mentor, and Truth Teller.

Annette’s focus as an executive leader is using her power to draw attention to DEIB strategies and making sure people use them. As a well-known African-American CPO, she uses her voice for good by talking about important ideas concerning diversity and the future of work and repeatedly promoting DEIB at public events. She has broken down and removed barriers for groups that aren’t well-represented, ensuring everyone is included in discussions about running for office again. She is in charge of Envoy’s social impact strategy, which helps the company make essential changes. She is always trying to open doors for others and create opportunities for everyone by ensuring everyone in the organisation is paid the same.

Chess Avant-Garde, Head of Global Responsibility at LiveRamp

Many LiveRamp employees are inspired to work towards diversity and inclusion by seeing their leader – Chess Avant deliver programming and promote belonging and inclusion daily. Since joining LiveRamp, Chess has moved from Global DIB Program Manager to Social Impact Lead and afterwards to Head of Global Responsibility.

LiveRamp.org is being built by Chess as part of the company’s “data for good” project. LiveRamp.org helps nonprofits and businesses owned by minorities move forward with their social missions by using businesses’ data to connect with customers. In just one year, his company donated twice as much money to charity as it did the year before.

Chess has also worked from the inside to make sure that women and underrepresented minorities get paid the same as ordinary male workers. He did this by eliminating bias in the company’s promotion and bonus system and making the organisation’s first commitments.

Courtney Henrich, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager at Cribl

Courtney Henrich (She/Her)  2nd degree connection2nd Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager at Cribl

Courtney Henrich
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager at Cribl

Courtney Henrich is the DEI Manager for the company Crib. Her coworkers reported that she had made a big difference in building up the DEI program at the company by promoting underrepresented groups and teaching about and celebrating critical historical events like Juneteeth and Pride. She is a big fan of DEIB’s projects at Cribl.

Courtney listens carefully and uses her emotional intelligence to help people see that when everyone’s voice is heard, there are strengths in our differences. Courtney has been a fan of DEIB for as long as she can remember. Before working at Cribl, Courtney worked at the cloud-based video-making company Animoto as a technical recruiter and DEI lead. Before that, she was a well-known DEI consultant and recruiter at Yardstick Management.

Dana Ross, Grindr’s Software Engineer

Since December 2021, Dana Ross has been in charge of Grindr’s web team. She looks for people who believe in what Grindr is trying to do and share the company’s values. She is a trusted mentor and wise leader because she stays true to her values. Dana is known for helping people get ahead, making way for people to be included, and breaking down barriers for people from underrepresented communities. She saw that the boot camp program was a way for queer coders to get jobs, and she found a group of strong people who shared her values. It shows that her approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion is based on good intentions and giving people power.

Desiree Morton, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Magoosh

Thanks to Desiree, Visibli has dramatically changed how it thinks about Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. While the company needed to downsize last year, one of her focuses was standing up for the employees who didn’t have much power. The decline began with a voluntary resignation open to all employees, but Desiree knew how employees from underrepresented groups would react to the communication and information.

She helped the company change its communication tactics by considering this. The company could keep its variety thanks to her help and advice. The following year, more people from underrepresented management groups joined the company. Desiree co-founded Magoosh and Visibli, a service that provides coaching and executive-level resources to help underrepresented employees.


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Nancy Cambron Perez, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager at Teladoc Health

Nancy C. (She/Her/Ella)  2nd degree connection2nd DEI Certified & Top DEIB Leader of 2022 | 40 under 40 Latinx in Chicago | Supplier Diversity Champion | L&D Thought Partner

Nancy C. 
DEI Certified & Top DEIB Leader of 2022 | 40 under 40 Latinx in Chicago | Supplier Diversity Champion | L&D Thought Partner

Nancy Cambron Perez is both an academic and a real-world expert. She is a leader in HR and a strong supporter of diversity, equality, and inclusion. She is determined to find new ways to find and keep employees. She works closely with the Talent Acquisition and Learning and Development teams to rethink how employees work.

Nancy’s primary goals are to create and update the operating model and framework for Teladoc Health’s Business Resource Group and to help develop the DEIB corporate strategy to support a culture of belonging and inclusion. Nancy has helped others get where they need to go through her work. She makes way for people to be included, breaks down and removes barriers for groups that aren’t well-represented.

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Nicole Sanchez, CEO of Vaya Consulting


Nicole is a skilled DEIB practitioner who does a great job at ensuring that employees who aren’t as visible or heard feel like they are. She can quickly and effectively switch gears to take leadership teams on a journey of change that different organisations need. Nicole is an expert on diversity, equity, inclusion, and an organisation’s culture. She has taught about diversity in the workplace at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She also advises and talks to executives worldwide about the best ways to do things.

Nicolette Nigos-Loredo, Team Lead, Campus Recruiting at Datadog

Nicolette is a good recruiter, and she is now moving into a management position where she can use her knowledge and love of DEIB to help the company grow. She helps underserved communities by mentoring underrepresented students independently because she believes in creating equal chances for everyone. Nicolette always ensures that the company is doing its best to break down barriers and find new ways, and she calls out practices that are getting in the way.  

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