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Top DEIB Leaders of 2022: Advocate for Underrepresented groups

Despite the numerous efforts undertaken in the past, there is still a long way to go towards an inclusive society. One way to put DEIB into the spotlight is by celebrating the top leaders making waves in their industries and advocating for underrepresented groups. For those who don’t know, DEIB stands for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. This acronym encompasses the idea that everyone should feel like they belong in their community and have a seat at the table.

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There are many incredible DEIB leaders out there who are working tirelessly to make sure that everyone has a voice. Here, we highlight some of the top DEIB leaders of 2022 and what they are doing to create a lasting change for underrepresented groups.

Brittany Ramsey, L’Oréal‘s Director of University Relations and Partnerships

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Brittany supports DEI policy as Director of University Relations and Partnerships at L’Oréal. She oversees campus activities, DEI partnerships, and HBCU relations.

Brittany keeps hiring young people from underrepresented backgrounds and uses her platform to help the #HireBlack Community with mentorships, career coaching, and resume reviews. Brittany also started her own coaching business, BWell Mindset Coaching, as a side job. Specifically, she helps young African-American employees build the skills they need to feel confident in their careers.

Celeste Hippolyte, Access Innovation Manager at Epic Games

Celeste’s primary goal in life is to make equal opportunities easier to find for everyone from all social backgrounds. Her efforts are substantially devoted to helping underrepresented people. Celeste is known for always being brave and outstanding when coming up with new ideas. Additionally, for years, she was skilled at developing university recruiting and program strategies focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion. And this is the thing she is highly passionate about. At every company she has worked for, from Epic Games to Lyft and Google, she has run a variety of DEIB programs that help students get suitable jobs.


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Cheryl Row, Senior/Lead Talent Acquisition Consultant at Philips Healthcare

Cheryl has done a lot to help DEIB move forward at Philips Healthcare. She always speaks up for underrepresented groups and people, no matter what kind of job it is. Specifically, Cheryl is also a hard-working leader focusing on finding talents in underrepresented groups. She has helped Philips grow through the Covid-19 Pandemic by taking advantage of smaller offices. This policy has allowed the company’s hybrid work model to be expanded to mini-hubs in DEIB pool areas. Briefly, Cheryl is a tireless advocate and accountable partner. In regular hiring and resource meetings, she reminds other departments that everyone at the company holds a responsibility to help DEIB efforts and to move them forward.

Dominique West, Manager at Datadog

Dominique is an experienced Security leader focusing on cloud and cybersecurity, digital transformations, and risk across many industries. She started a company called Security in Color. This platform aims to teach, give people power, and make cybersecurity resources easy to find. She is The Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu’s Chief of Membership. She uses her platform to help other underrepresented groups by giving them information and resources. She strongly desires to support and lift other African-American women in Tech.  

Erin L. Thomas, Vice President and Head of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at UpworkTop DEIB Leaders of 2022: Advocate for Underrepresented groups

Erin L. Thomas, PhD, is in charge of Upwork’s mission to help people get proper jobs and improve their life quality. She focuses on strategy, implementation, and coaching for diversity, inclusion, and belonging. According to Erin, dignity, purpose, community, and fairness are at the centre of every working culture. Dr Thomas has led several projects that focus on hiring, promoting, keeping, and developing talents from underrepresented groups.

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She also strongly supports the critical link between employee well-being and successful strategies for diversity and inclusion. One of these projects is GlowUP, an enrichment program by various leaders of colour that Upwork and Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning created. In 2020, Dr Thomas was one of the most influential people in Technology by Fortune’s 40 under 40 lists.

Erika Scotti Martinez, Senior University Recruiter at Databricks

Before she joined Databricks, Erika was a Campus Recruiter at LinkedIn, where she led the company’s diversity partnerships and worked hard to promote DEIB. Through this job, she helped Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) build a Silicon Valley Tech Trek with many tech companies to strengthen their partnerships. She also led LinkedIn’s first school project in Puerto Rico, which got support from the company’s top leaders. Then, Erika focused on Mexico and hired interns from schools, the first talent sources for her team.

In the recruiting process, she talked to her candidates in Spanish to make them feel at ease. As a student from a family of immigrants and the first child of her family to go to college, Erika pushes others to think differently about hiring talents and changing the way Databricks’s recruitment was done in the past. Every day, her main goal is to open doors for students who are in underrepresented groups.

Janessa Mondestin, Director of Employee Experience at Mission North

At Mission North, the DEI strategy was made by Janessa Mondestin. One of her most significant projects was creating a scholarship program for underrepresented women studying communications, marketing, or public relations as undergraduates. The program’s goal was to make it easier for these women to graduate by helping them pay tuition fees. A fellowship for on-the-job training and real work experience was tied to the scholarship program. This removed the problem of insufficient internships or work experience after graduating.

She also managed sponsorships for people who were underrepresented or left out of the company, bringing neurodiversity to the company’s attention and growing its corporate social responsibility efforts.

Jennifer Tardy, CEO of Jennifer Tardy ConsultingTop DEIB Leaders of 2022: Advocate for Underrepresented groups

Jennifer started her consulting firm, Jennifer Tardy Consulting, LLC, and is in charge as the CEO. She is fond of providing a space where innovative diversity, inclusion, and equity are the pillars that help job seekers plan their careers. Furthermore, recruiters and employers could build their talent pipelines with the support from her organisations.

Tardy helps high-performing recruiters and HR professionals learn how to integrate diversity recruiting responsibly, increasing the number of women, people of colour, veterans, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people in the workplace. Her goal is to help employers and people who don’t have many job opportunities find ways to work together successfully.


As we look to the future, it is clear that DEIB leaders will continue to play an essential role in advocating for underrepresented groups. We are confident that the leaders on this list will continue to positively impact their communities and help create a more inclusive society for all. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to making a difference!  

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