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Top DEIB Leaders of 2022: Advocate for Women (Part 2)

According to a recent report from LeanIn.org, the number of women in leadership roles has declined since 2016. This is why we’re highlighting the next five incredible women leaders pioneering change in their industries and advocating for women everywhere. These leaders impact various fields, from technology and finance to the healthcare industry.

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Jennifer Tardy, CEO of Jennifer Tardy Consulting.

Linkedin: Jennifer Tardy

Jennifer started her consulting firm, Jennifer Tardy Consulting, LLC, and is also the CEO. She is very interested in providing a space where innovative diversity, inclusion, and equity are the pillars that help job seekers plan their careers and recruiters (and employers) build a talent pipeline for their organisations.

CEO of Jennifer Tardy Consulting.

CEO of Jennifer Tardy Consulting.

Tardy helps high-performing recruiters and HR professionals learn how to integrate diversity recruiting responsibly, increasing the number of women, people of colour, veterans, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people in the workplace. Her goal is to help employers and people who don’t have many job opportunities find ways to work together successfully.

Kathrine Zick, University Recruiting and Relations Lead at Aptiv.

Kathrine is the University Recruiting and Relations Lead at Aptiv, where she works to find, hire, and keep the best young workers for US programs. At Aptiv, Kathrine tries to change how businesses hire people so that more women and underrepresented minorities can join early-career talent programs in the US.

Kathrine Zick,  University Recruiting and Relations Lead  at Aptiv.


She also helped Aptiv start a full-time software apprenticeship program in Troy, Michigan, so that people from different backgrounds who may not have a college degree could get training for high-demand skills.


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Kim Diaz, Pixar’s Director of Talent and Outreach.

Linkedin: Kim Diaz

Kim Diaz is in charge of finding new people to work at Pixar. In this role, she is responsible for reaching out to talents, University Programs, and the Talent Partner (HRBP) function.

Kim Diaz, Pixar's Director of Talent and Outreach.

Kim Diaz, Pixar’s Director of Talent and Outreach.

Kim is very vocal about her support for DEI initiatives. She is in the Women In Animation – Bay Chapter membership commission, which aims to empower women in animation and reach a 50/50 gender balance by 2025. She is dedicated to promoting fair hiring practices and eliminating bias in recruiting.

Kristen Edwards, Human Resources Manager at GCM Grosvenor.

Linkedin: K. Edwards

Kristen Edwards works for GCM Grosvenor as an HR representative. Kristen also works for her own company, Kristen Edwards Co., as a Leadership Speaker and Success Coach.

Kristen Edwards, Human Resources Manager at GCM Grosvenor.


Specifically, she works as an HR & DEI Consultant for non-profits and SMBs, a Workshop Facilitator for executive leadership, and the host of the Amplify Ambition podcast. Her speaking engagements, podcast, and coaching programs help women understand tools that can change their lives and significantly impact others. She has been featured in Thrive Global, Yahoo Business, and Authority Magazine.

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Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta

Linkedin: Mita Mallick

Mita Mallick is a business leader who has a fondness for revolving businesses. She gives credit to new ideas and aims to help customers and communities. She is in charge of Carta’s inclusion, equity, and impact program. Previously, she worked at Unilever as the head of inclusion and cross-cultural marketing.

Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta


Additionally, Mita is on the LinkedIn Top Voice list and writes for Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, Adweek, and Fast Company. She is also the co-host of the LinkedIn Podcast Network show named The Brown Table Talk Podcast. Through the podcast channel, Mita and Dee Marshall share stories and tips about how to help Women of Color win at work and how these DEIB allies can help.  


Briefly, the Top DEIB Leaders of 2022: Advocate for Women is a powerful and inspiring group of young women. They are dedicated to making a difference in the workplace and are fighting for equality. We can all learn from their example and strive to be better allies to women everywhere. Thank you for reading, and we hope you will join us in supporting these fantastic leaders!


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