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Top DEIB Leaders advocate for Hispanic Community in 2022

As the world changes, so does the business landscape. And to stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to know the leaders in your field—especially regarding diversity, equity, inclusion and beloning (DEIB). This blog post will highlight some of the Top DEIB leaders of 2022 advocating for the Hispanic Community of 2022.

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Top DEIB Leaders of 2022

These individuals advocate for Latinx voices in businesses and help create a more inclusive environment. If you’re looking for inspiration or someone to follow in the DEIB Hispanic Leaders space, look no further than this list.

Caroline Celis, Senior Director of Global Business Development at G2

Caroline’s goal is to increase the number of female Latinx and Black people and to reach an equal number of women and men in her company. Since most of G2’s hiring is done internally, this step sets the organization up to improve DEIB in the long run.

Additionally, she represents the “Latinx and Allies employee resource group” as one of it’s co-leaders. In fact, she contributed significantly to the ERG in raising money for Latinas to represent G2 at important Tech events. Furthermore, she works with the ERG to connect and bring in more candidates from minority groups that aren’t usually represented.


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Jehron Petty, CEO and Founder of ColorStack

Jehron’s work with ColorStack, a Tech nonprofit built to increase the number of African-American and Latinx Computer Science graduates who start rewarding technical careers.

He is dedicated to provide Latinx and African-American communities with a sense of belonging, early in their careers, and helped them get great jobs with best companies in the world.

Jehron worked at Google as an engineering intern and an associate project management intern before he started ColorStack.

Jodie Taylor, Compass Real Estate‘s Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Jodie has been operating the annual DEI Summer Internship Program at Compass Real Estate for years. This program aims to get Black, Latinx, and Indigenous college students to work in product and engineering departments. The interns are offered full-time jobs in the Tech department of Compass, one of the most significant sources of entry-level talent from underrepresented backgrounds.

Furthermore, Jodie also made a program to help underrepresented employees get noticed, stay connected with the company, and get promoted. The participants are paired with senior-level department leaders to create a curriculum focusing on professional development, visibility, and advancement. In fact, metrics show that many program participants stay with the program and get promoted fairlier.

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Monique Cielo, Director of Software Engineering at Teamshares

Monique is a Latina who works at Teamshares as a tech leader. She has led employee resource groups and helped plan events to make the tech industry more open to everyone. Monique uses her voice to speak up for women, the Latinx community, and mental health.


Former team members have called her a “champion of diversity and inclusion,” and she has inspired others to devise ways to help the organisation on a large scale, at events such as Tech Intersections and the General Assembly.

Sanjala Chitnis, Klaviyo‘s Director of DEI and Talent

Since Sanjala joined Klaviyo’s team, the number of women of colour in leadership roles has grown by 18%. Klaviyo continues to increase the number of Black and Latinx employees by hosting events like #BlackInTech, which are meant to help candidates do well on the technical assessment.

Before joining Klaviyo, Sanjala worked as a Global DEI and Recruiting Programs Manager at Palantir Technologies. She has previously worked on recruiting and diversity programs in the engineering department of  Facebook.

Conclusion about DEIB Hispanic Leaders

As we look to the future, it is clear that the DEIB community will continue to grow and thrive. We are excited to see what the leaders of 2022 will accomplish and how they will continue to advocate for Latinx voices in the media industry. Thank you for your continuous support of our mission.  

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