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Top DEIB Leaders of 2022: Advocate for Women

DEIB leaders are important people who help shape organizations’ policies and practices. They advocate for underrepresented groups, including women. This blog post will highlight the top DEIB leaders of 2022 who support women. We will briefly overview what they do and why they are essential. So, if you are looking for inspiration or want to learn more about the fantastic work that these individuals are doing, then read on!

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Arianna Gelwicks, Tech Recruiting Lead at Pinwheel

Linkedin: Arianna Gelwicks

Arianna was in charge of all Pinwheel’s hiring efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She was a strong advocate for DEI throughout the company.

Top DEIB Leaders of 2022 Arianna Gelwicks Pinwheel

In her job, she ensured that underrepresented minorities were the focus of 70% of candidate outreach. Her impressive results showed how hard she worked, like the company reaching out to almost 7,000 underrepresented groups in the second quarter of 2022. Arianna was also in charge of the PinwheelHERS Sourceathon, the company’s employee group for women. There were 107 good prospects, and 10% of the company was there.

Britteny Soto, Encamp‘s Director of Talent Acquisition, JEDI, and Enablement

Linkedin: Britteny Soto 

Britteny oversees Encamp’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion efforts. She puts people first and teaches through intersectionality to build empathy. Britteny was in charge of updating the holiday calendar to add Juneteenth and replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. He did this so that the company calendar would reflect the company’s core values. She started the Conscious Coffee Series to teach employees about JEDI topics and change the culture one-on-one. The LGBTQ+ community, the environment, racial justice, and African-American women at work have all been discussed. She also ran a campaign for Pride Month.

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Chess Avant-Garde, Head of Global Responsibility at LiveRamp

Linkedin: Chess Avant-Garde

Many LiveRamp employees are inspired to work toward diversity and inclusion by seeing this Afro-Latino, Queer, and Jewish leader deliver programming and promote belonging and inclusion daily. Since joining LiveRamp, Chess has gone from Global DIB Program Manager to Social Impact Lead to Head of Global Responsibility.


Chess is currently building out LiveRamp.org’s “data for good” initiative. LiveRamp.org uses data companies usually use to connect with customers to help nonprofits and minority-owned businesses move forward with their social missions. Chess is a rising star who doubled the money his company gave to charity in just one year. Chess has also worked on the inside to ensure that women and underrepresented minorities get paid the same as men. He has done this by getting rid of bias in the company’s promotion and bonus system and setting up the first commitments of the organization.


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Crystal M.Brown, Executive Communications Manager at Cisco

Linkedin: Crystal M.Brown

Crystal Brown has made it her mission to work on inclusion and representation for the rest of her life. She has focused on storytelling in multinational and industry-leading organizations for over a decade, helping them find talent, make connections, and understand each other. She wants to stand up to support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in a planned and strategic way.

Cisco Best Place to work for women

She has pushed for more diversity in the company and industry-wide nominations. She has also helped female teenagers from the beginning of their careers by mentoring them and working with DEI leaders to help them teach and organize. Furthermore, she has been working to promote language courses to be open to everyone and writing articles both inside and outside of the companies she works for.

Dominique West, Manager at Datadog

Linkedin: Dominique West

Dominique is an experienced Security leader focusing on cloud and cybersecurity, digital transformations, and risk across many industries. She started a company called Security in Color. This platform aims to teach, give people power, and make cybersecurity resources easy to find. She is The Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu’s Chief of Membership.

DataDog's Women

She uses her platform to help other underrepresented groups by giving them information and resources. She strongly desires to support and lift other African-American women in Tech.  

Janessa Mondestin, Director of Employee Experience at Mission North

Linkedin: J. Mondestin

At Mission North, the DEI strategy was supported by Janessa Mondestin. One of her most significant projects was creating a scholarship program for underrepresented women studying communications, marketing, or public relations as undergraduates. The program’s goal was to make it easier for these women to join the professional world by helping them pay tuition fees.

A fellowship for on-the-job training and real work experience was tied to the scholarship program. This took away the problem of not having enough internships or work experience. She also manages special sponsorship for people who were underrepresented or left out of the company, bringing neurodiversity to the company’s attention. Therefore, her devotion grew into corporate social responsibility efforts.


The DEIB leaders on this list are doing fantastic work to advocate for women, and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the future. We hope their efforts inspire more people to get involved in the fight for gender equality. Thanks for everything that you do!

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