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Top DEIB Leaders of 2022: Advocate for DEI&Belonging

It takes special effort to step forward and help minority groups deal with their challenges and obstacles. Motivating and bringing change to underrepresented and marginalised groups is not easy. The Top DEIB Leaders of 2022 seek to honour those that shake things up inside their respective institutions and communities by implementing DEIB.

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The winners of this year’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Awards exemplify what can be accomplished when others are persuaded to accept unpleasant realities and make substantial changes. Our list highlights DEIB leaders across sectors, showcasing their unique approaches, ground-breaking initiatives, and exceptional outcomes. We’re pleased to introduce you to a few of this year’s awardees, all of whom are committed DEI & B advocates.

Annette Reavis, Envoy’s Chief People Officer

Linkedin: Annette Reavis

Annette is committed to spreading the word about DEIB strategy and putting it into action in her influential role as an executive leader. And as a well-known CPO, she uses her voice for good by sharing important ideas about diversity and the future of work and repeatedly promoting DEIB at public events.

Annette Reavis_Envoy

She has removed barriers for groups that aren’t well-represented, ensuring everyone is included in discussions about returning to the office. She is in charge of Envoy’s social impact strategy, which helps the company make changes that matter. She is always trying to open doors for others and make paths for everyone, so she created a similar pay structure to eliminate pay differences in the organisation.

Bernita Dillard, DoorDash’s Global Head of DEI Recruiting Enablement

Linkedin: Bernita Dillard

Bernita has spent her whole career working for DEIB. She started by making programs for talented people who didn’t have many opportunities. Her path led her to teach and work in various DEIB teams at Google and Facebook.

DoorDash Bernita Dillard

She has since moved to DoorDash, responsible for DEIB recruiting enablement. During her career, she has worked with executive leadership teams to run high-impact programs and innovative talent acquisition strategies focusing on diversity and inclusion. She has used data analytics to look at the root causes of diversity and inclusion problems and to find places to improve and give stakeholders the information they can use. She is a “powerhouse” dedicated to her mission and work.

Bethany Saint Clair, OpenText’s Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Programs

Linkedin: Bethany SC

In 2020, OpenText didn’t have a DEIB department. By the end of 2021, Bethany had fixed that problem. The company now has a team, a budget, and clear goals. She made way for others to join by starting employee affinity groups and a mentoring program for employees from underrepresented groups. Bethany helped plan, lead, and organise a BLM listening tour, which led to the creation of the DEIB department at OpenText and her promotion to its first leader.


She helped write and make a course for managers called Leading a Diverse Workforce, which gave them more training. Ultimately, her team rewrote essential company policies and changed how things were done to eliminate systemic barriers to equity and inclusion. She persuaded OpenText to improve its benefits for women and LGBTQ+ employees.

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Caroline Celis, Senior Director of Global Business Development at G2

Linkedin: Caroline Celis

Caroline’s goal is to increase the number of Latinx and Black people and bring the number of women to 50% in her company. Since most of G2’s hiring is done internally, this process sets the organization up to improve DEIB in the long run.

G2 Caroline Celis

Additionally, she represents the “Latinx and Allies employee resource group” as one of the main co-leaders. In fact, she contributed significantly to the ERG in raising money for Latinas to represent G2 at important Tech events. Furthermore, she works with the ERG to connect and bring in more candidates from minority groups that aren’t usually represented.

Chloe Benson, global inclusion, diversity, and belonging specialist at Marsh McLennan

Linkedin: Chloe Benson

Chloe is a rising DEIB advocate. She works as a Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging Specialist at Marsh McLennan. Priorly, she was the “Diversity Recruitment Early Engagement Program Manager” at Bloomberg. She helped create and support the Black MBA/Professionals Master’s program to help them become better leaders in social justice. Additionally, the program is an excellent example of how to drive African-American equity in professional services.

Marsh McLennan Chloe Benson

Marsh McLennan’s RISE MBA/Fellowship Master’s Program is a four-year commitment. This program is in partnership with Fisk University and the National Black MBA Association. As a result, the Executive Committee will assist in hiring more Black Professionals into leadership roles at all levels of the organization.

The RISE program breaks down barriers for Black colleagues. Now the program offers each Fellow a unique experience that helps them build a career path toward becoming a leader at Marsh McLennan and elsewhere. Specifically, the first group of Fellows’ agenda ended in May 2022. After that, 60% of the Fellows were hired full-time.


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Cori Scales, Campus Relations Manager at Lockheed Martin

Linkedin: Cori Scales

Cori Scales’ job as a Campus Relations Manager at Lockheed Martin is to improve the company’s efforts in hiring people from different backgrounds. Cori was a Diversity Engagement and Programs Lead before getting this job.

Lockheed Martin Cori Scales

A RAF Lockheed Martin F-35B fighter jet taxis along a runway after landing at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford, Britain July 8, 2016. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

Cori has shown her dedication to DEIB work at Lockheed Martin by carrying out diversity hiring initiatives, finding and fighting bias in recruiting and managing projects that directly affect the organisation.

Derek Valentine, Director of Belonging, Diversity, and Equity at UKG

Linkedin: Derek Valentine

Derek has been a champion for DEIB for a long time. As a sales manager, he helps underrepresented students by putting them in touch with colleagues, opening professional doors, and putting them in touch with other DEIB advocates and opportunities. His motto is “There is always strength in numbers.” This is a powerful way of thinking that shows how to be successful.

Derek Valentine UKG

While working at Secureworks, a Dell subsidiary, he saw a chance to share what he knew and help the African-American community. He started the Atlanta chapter of the Black Networking Alliance by getting all of the Dell subsidiaries to work together. The ERG has done well and set a standard for others regarding activities, events, training opportunities, resources, partnerships, and more.

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