The partnership between Actonomy and traicie results in a full integration within the Carerix ATS environment making it possible to match hard & soft skills in one click

April 4, 2021  •  Jochen Roef

Qualified candidates with the right fit for your company through automated matching on hard and soft skills.

Ghent, April 4, 2021 – Finding the best candidates with one click who match based on diploma, certificates and experience (hard skills) and who also have the right fit with your company based on personality and culture (soft skills), that’s what Actonomy and traicie make possible from now on within the Carerix ATS environment.

Actonomy’s AI matching allows candidates to be matched with vacancies much faster and more efficiently and the recruiter gets a detailed overview of skills that match and where the gap lies between supply and demand. The combination with traicie makes it possible to immediately gain insight into the personality of the candidate and to determine the fit between company and candidate. The result: candidates who are qualified for both hard & soft skills and have the right fit with the job and your company culture!

“Finding competent and committed candidates quickly, while supporting the human recruiter as much as possible, is what AI matching aims for. Because of the extra insight into a candidate’s personality, the global recruitment process can be shortened even further, which of course also saves money ”, says Jochen Roef, CEO traicie,“ If you know at the start of the process that a candidate does not have the right culture fit, it is not sustainable to shortlist this candidate. The combination of traicie and Actonomy makes it possible to combine both aspects and only propose candidates who match in all areas “.

“In order to respond quickly to the changing labor market and the needs of your company, it is important that you can determine early in the recruitment process what the right fit is between company and candidate,” says Filip De Geijter, CEO of Actonomy “ being able to select the candidates on the basis of ‘qualifications’ immediately saves an enormous amount of time and brings you the best strategic solution for the right talent in the right place’.

With one click the best match of candidates and vacancies and vice versa!

By using NLP (language analysis) traicie succeeds in mapping a personality faster than with traditional personality tests or gamification solutions. In combination with soft skills profiles of jobs or vacancies, it becomes possible to quickly make a match between candidate and vacancy – or vice versa.

The result?

Both modules are integrated within the Carerix platform and thus allow to:

  • Find the best matches in one click based on experience, hard skills, training and soft skills.
  • Save time and costs by immediately having a complete overview of candidates early in the recruitment process.
  • Allow the recruiter to devote more time and attention to candidates!

About traicie

traicie is a prescreening tool that automatically detects candidates ‘soft skills based on their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile and predicts applicants’ natural professional behavior.

Through artificial intelligence, traicie facilitates recruitment based on soft skills and culture. traicie provides an initial attitude screening of all incoming candidates without the need for fill-in tests.

Contact: Krista Rampelberg, email: or +32 477 36 05 16. (

About Actonomy

Actonomy has been developing solutions for more than 10 years that allow to match candidates and jobs faster and better. Smart technology that makes it possible to find the best candidates for a job in a flexible way (and vice versa). Saving time and saving costs is of great importance for the user, whereby more focus can again be placed on the content of the HR work and not on searching in databases. As one of the pioneers in the field of matching technology, Actonomy has the largest knowledge base with skills that make results more accurate than other solutions.

Contact: Filip De Geijter, email: or +32 478 21 59 58. (