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Optimize Your Greatest Asset-Your People [FreePDF]

Optimize Your Greatest Asset – Your People: Summary

Nowadays, executives and managers have to deal with a lot of information about people stored in different systems that don’t talk to each other. “Optimize Your Greatest Asset – Your People” shows you how to put all those pieces of data together. You learn to organise data, turn them into useful information, and build your data strategy to make the most of your tools.

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Optimize your greatest asset - your people

Using data from multiple systems provides usable knowledge. By moving past activity metrics and looking at more advanced ways to measure, you can:

  • Make stronger security, privacy, and ethics policies.
  • Get advanced HR analytics without losing the trust of your employees.

HR leaders must stop being afraid of Big Data. Mainly, decisions based on sound data are good business, and a company’s best asset is its people. In other words, keep track of the things that matter and turn those measurements into facts that can be used outside a spreadsheet. “Optimize Your Greatest Asset – Your People” tells you how to get started and where to go.


Current research makes it clear that when adopting analytics, Human Resource (HR) professionals are playing catch-up. Accordingly, Bersin by Deloitte says that only 14% of human resources departments have a function for analytics. With all the proof we have from other departments about how valuable analytics are, HR needs to do better.

“Optimize Your Greatest Asset – Your People” shows that any company can use advanced analytics in human resources to help achieve business goals and increase profits. In this book, Gene Pease, the founder and CEO of Vestrics, gives a framework for using predictive analysis to make the best use of human capital investments. Step by step, the author shows how HR professionals can move away from unreliable anecdotes and out-of-date surveys. Moreover, the act of moving towards advanced measurement techniques that combine data from multiple systems into a single action plan improves business results.

This vital book is full of real-world examples from some of the best companies in the world.

Firstly, these examples show how analytical approaches can be used to improve processes in the workplace.

Secondly, executives and thought leaders explain how advanced analytics help them make better business decisions. Furthermore, any business thinking about using analytics can use these examples as a guide to doing it right.

Thirdly, “Optimize Your Greatest Asset—Your People” gives an overview of essential things to think about regarding data security, privacy, ethics, and employee trust. Specifically, we would also consider the latest research on the state of HR measurement techniques.

Now is the time for HR leaders to start measuring the things that matter and turning those measurements into accurate information that goes beyond a spreadsheet. In brief, “Optimize Your Greatest Asset—Your People” gives you the knowledge and strategies you need to get started and figure out where to go next.

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