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Review 6 Best Recruitment Automation by AI [Update 2022]

Talent acquisition is a multi-dimensional and complicated process. To keep up with the competition, your business needs to find the right people to work for it. Companies use many tools to make the hiring process easier and faster these days. The primary objective of recruitment automation software is to reduce the number of people applying for a job.

With the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI), there are now tools that can speed up the hiring process even more. AI recruitment automation allows a company to find the best person for a job opening. But you already know that it’s not about choosing a job. A good hire is someone who fits in well with the culture and values of the company. For example, they have to collaborate with other team members. It’s much harder to find this kind of employee.

AI can help with this. AI recruitment automation find suitable candidates quickly using data mining, natural language processing, and logical reasoning. An AI recruitment automation first looks at your company’s values and other essential factors. Then it starts looking for talent that matches what it has learned about your business and employees.

What is recruitment automation that uses AI?

How is the AI used in the recruitment process?

AI recruiting tools use the recent developments in AI to evaluate job candidates.

AI writing tools work by: 

  • Using techniques for mining data
  • Analyzing natural language 

The techniques use the above strategies to look at your business and determine what kinds of workers you need. Once the machine knows enough about your company, it finds the best people to fill your open jobs.

Just keep in mind that the field of AI is constantly making new tools, which is perfect. This is true not only for AI recruiting but also for AI tools like chatbots, writing tools, and tools that make images.

In contrast, time will only make these tools better. It’s possible that in 20 years, AI will do most of the hiring.

How is AI utilized in recruitment?

Where is AI used in hiring?

AI can now do many things that used to be done by humans, like speed up the hiring process. AI is used in every part of the pipeline for hiring people.

  • Screening: You can use chatbots that AI powers to answer questions from applicants. AI chatbots are no longer as robotic as they once were. Instead, it’s impossible to tell the answers apart from the writing.
  • Video interviews: You can apply AI to look at how well someone fits the role based on your company’s hiring criteria by analyzing how they answer questions in a video interview.
  • Tech screening: Discover how much your candidate knows and how good their answers are.
  • Sourcing: AI can put together vast databases of profiles of talent. Most of the time, thousands of millions of individuals worldwide are in these databases. With this database, you can tell AI to find the best people for your roles.
  • Scheduling: Use AI to automate the process of scheduling interviews, which can be very repetitive.
  • ATS: Keep track of your candidates as you hire them.

Review the Best Recruitment Automation by AI for Culture Fit

What is recruitment automation?


HireEZ is a site that helps people find jobs. Its main job is to connect recruiters with talented people in all fields.

HireEZ has helped tens of thousands of recruiting teams speed up and improve the hiring process. The tool works with an extensive network of more than 50 million resumes and profiles.

HireEZ matches resume with jobs by using machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is not your standard tool for matching resumes and employers. Because it uses AI, this tool can do much more than analyzing a person. For example, it can consider a person’s experience, destination, education, and more. So, the games are huge events for your team.

Because AI tries to think like humans, you can use the tool as if it were an actual recruiter.

Features: Here are some of hireEZ’s best features and ways to use it:

  • 85% of the time, they could find contact information. The tool can use the Internet to find information about possible employees. It gives back personal email addresses, phone numbers, and handles for social media.
  • Access the most up-to-date information about your candidates on every platform you use.
  • Great experience for candidates, with no unpleasant surprises.
  • Customers will trust you more if you have good data protection features.


There are four different methods to pay for the service:

  • Starter: Free
  • Average: $40 per month
  • a professional: $99 a month
  • Enterprise: A plan made just for your business.

Traicie Recruitment Automation by AI

Do you know that the sourcing tool on Traicie can connect to most professional HRIS systems through an API? Traicie’s unique AI engine improves and automates the process of sourcing candidates and brings them to your recruiters. Together, Traicie and an HRIS provide the following strategic and organizational benefits:

  • Cost of a job board: Spend less on job boards each year
  • Cost of HR tools: Make surveys and assessment devices cheaper.
  • Recruiting costs: Cut down on the cost of hiring people
  • Internal mobility: Fill more skilled jobs with people who already work for the company. Time to hire: Cut down on the number of days a position is open.
  • Costs of salaries—Cut down on overall salary costs
  • Attrition: Lower the rate of people leaving the company. Recruitment cost: Lower the cost of hiring people in general.

The best AI-powered tool for recruiters to find talent

  • For fast augmented recruitment by closing skills gaps with the best Artificial Intelligence Platform & Recruiting automation.
  • Fill the skills gap with augmented recruitment and automated recruiting
  • Use Talent Acquisition to fill roles with qualified candidates faster and more efficiently.
  • Cut down on the costs of hiring, firing, and total rewards (C&B).
  • Screening for soft and hard skills can speed up the hiring process.
  • Establish a strong comp culture using AI to find candidates who fit “naturally” with the company’s DNA.
  • Reduce hiring bias to find hidden gems of diverse talent and improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Confident using Tracie’s #1 AI-powered talent sourcing solution with the science behind Ghent, KU Leuven University, and Antwerp Management School


Arya is a platform for hiring people that AI runs. This software speeds up the hiring process by finding you good candidates much faster than traditional methods.

The tool uses up-to-date AI algorithms to connect businesses with people who want to get a job. When your recruiters use Arya, they can spend less time reviewing resumes. Instead, they can spend more time on the interview process to ensure the people who apply have the right skills and talent for the team.

AI recruiting sounds like an excellent idea, but eliminating low-value manual work is a way. Arya is a valuable platform if you want to hire people faster than before. It eliminates the need to spend hours looking for potential candidates by hand.

Here are some of the essential things about Arya.

  • Lessen the time you spend looking through resumes and let Arya do the work.
  • Arya helps you find the best candidates to put more effort into the challenging interview process.
  • Find people who are a good fit for your team. Build candidate pipelines with high-quality candidates.


AI recruiting led to the making of Arya Pulse. There are two possible plans:

  • $599 per job for full service
  • Personalized: Bargain to Sales

Xor Recruitment Automation by AI

Xor is a platform for finding and hiring talented people. It utilizes AI to computerize parts of the hiring funnel.

When you use Xor, you must think about real people. Xor will do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to sort through resumes manually and repeatedly. Xor is in charge of pre-screening candidates and setting up interviews.

When you use Xor in your hiring process, you can spend your time talking to the people you want to hire.


  • Make chats, emails, and phone calls with candidates go more quickly.
  • Talk to the talent and don’t look for it.
  • Use suitable recruitment processes to make sure that no one gets missed.
  • You can better serve your customers if you spend less time and money on hiring.


The cost for the service has not been set. You get a strategy that is made to fit the needs of your business. To do this, get in touch with the sales team and set up a 30-minute demo call. This gives you a much better idea of what the platform is like.

The demo calls show you how to use the platform to find and hire the best people while saving time and money. They also give you a plan for how to hire people to help you reach your goals.


TurboHire uses AI to find the best people for your business. The software helps you hire people in 78% less time and for 65% less money.

TurboHire’s ability to work well with the CRM tools you already use is one of its best features. It can also be used with your official site and many other devices.

This platform cuts down on time needed to sort through resumes that don’t add much value. Instead, you can spend more time on the interview process to ensure that the people you’ve picked are good. This saves money and makes more resources available for the hiring process.

TurboHire uses AI to find potential employees among the many. The algorithm is smart enough to find people with the right skills, education, interests, and availability and match them with a recruiting company.

All of this happens without talking to anyone. The tool knows how to get this information from a place other than the resume.

Automation is not the only thing TurboHire does. The tool also makes an excellent hiring funnel that allows applicants to talk about themselves.


  • Build talent pipelines for your available positions.
  • Make it easy for candidates to have a great interview experience from anywhere in the world.
  • Make great hiring reports and metrics, and get a complete picture of the hiring process.


You can use the tool for free for 14 days. This is a great way to try out TurboHire before paying for it. After the free trial is over, you can choose from four paid plans.

  • Simple: $40 a month
  • Pro: $177 a month
  • Premium: $450 a month
  • Enterprise: $1340 a month

Fetcher Recruitment Automation by AI

Fetcher is an intelligent automation tool for hiring that helps you find better people faster.

Without a talent pipeline, you need to look at more random resumes. This also means fewer qualified applicants make it to the interview stage, which uses up even more resources.

With Fetcher, you can improve the talent pipeline and make it run more smoothly. This lets you eliminate manual work and schedule interviews with suitable individuals who match the goals and values of your company


Automate sourcing and get rid of the old tools for sourcing. You don’t have to look at many resumes to decide whom to talk to. This gives you more time to do essential things, like asking the candidates questions.

Send personalized, professional emails that are set up to be sent automatically.

It’s easy to keep track of metrics and analytics for recruiting.


There is no one price for Fetcher that works for everyone. Instead, they will make you a plan that fits the needs of your business. Reserve a conversation with their sales staff if you want to find out more.

| >>> For an effective Digital Transformation process in your company, learn more about: AI in HR: How does it eliminate hiring bias? benefits and limitations.

In summary

There is a lot of AI recruitment automation for hiring people. To sum up, AI recruitment automation let you automate the tedious and repetitive parts of hiring people. Some of these jobs are screening, finding, and setting up interviews.

You can utilize AI-based recruiting software instead of going through the internet to find information by hand. These tools usually include a massive database with profiles for hundreds of millions of people. You can use the methods to find the best people for your business. You can save time and money by automating reaching out and setting up interviews.

All in all, an AI recruitment tool can help speed up hiring people. The war for talent is accurate, and it costs a lot to add talent to a team nowadays. The hiring process needs to be as simple and quick as possible to keep pace with the competition.

Do you know that traicie’s tools can Leverage your Recruitment Automation by AI in strategic operational value in recruiting process:

  1. Cost of a job board- Reduce annual spending on job boards
  2. Cost of HR tools – Reduce the cost of surveys and assessment tools
  3. Recruitment costs – Reduce selection costs
  4. Internal mobility – Fill more skilled jobs with internal staff
  5. Time to hire – Reduce the number of days a role goes unfilled
  6. Salary costs – Reduce overall salary costs
  7. Attrition – Reduce the rate of turnover
  8. Recruitment cost – Reduce the general recruitment cost

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